Monthly Archives: August 2019

The Event Technique/Yikes! I have a toxic client…

It is ridiculously frustrating when you are being paid as an event professional to do your job and manage the “noise” that is swirling around you. Difficult and sometimes toxic personalities can take a fabulous event and reduce it to rubble. The ripple effects from this sort of situation can be devastating, for you as the event planner and for the organization.  The monetary losses can quickly add up and will create major issues down the road. What to do in this situation? Sounds like an obvious decision but it is not easy…

The Event Technique/Accountability-Do you have it?

Let’s talk about accountability. Accountability to your board, to your donors, to your staff, to your volunteers. It is crucial. All of those things add up to create a really great event. What accountability really means is that you as the event planner or event coordinator or development director, are keeping everybody in the loop. You’re letting everyone know whether it’s monthly board meetings, weekly staff meetings, organizational software like Slack, Trello, Smartsheet, exactly where the event is in the progress.

The Event Technique/Do Ethics Really Matter?

Do Ethics Really Matter? Most everyone says, “Absolutely.” Yet, so many organizations simply give lip service to that idea and continue to operate as usual. In this episode, there are are a multitude of reasons why that is a bad idea. Everything from boards not having “board insurance” to those that give a board position to anyone that donates a significant amount of money. Here’s why all of those ideas are inherently bad.