Monthly Archives: September 2019

The Event Technique/Everybody knows somebody that “takes pictures.”

Who doesn’t know someone who “takes pictures?” They’re everywhere, right? The selfie nation, smart phone carrying “photographer.” Nothing wrong with that except now they are volunteering to photograph your event. In that sense, free photographers are not always such a good thing. Listen in and find out why…

The Event Technique on Your Success Radio!

Listen in on this awesome interview with the amazing Denise Griffitts on Your Success Radio. Topics included Do’s and Do Not’s for Event Success, improving your event manager skills and so much more. Entertaining and often humorous, this special podcast was a delight to be on. Enjoy and learn!


The Event Technique/Absolutely, Sweat The Small Stuff…

Remember the book and the saying, “Don’t sweat the small stuff?” If you are in the event business, you absolutely must sweat the small stuff. From your donors to your sponsors and everyone in between, a simple mishandling of a situation can tank your event for that individual in a matter of seconds. If that person is a major sponsor, it could ruin future sponsorships for additional events. Yup, the details matter and here’s why…

The Event Technique/We need a plan. NOW.

There’s a hurricane off the coast of Florida. Having spent a fair number of days planning for its’ arrival, got me to thinking about the potential event planning. How do you prevent a potential storm from swirling around you, your team and your event. There is a method, a plan, a strategy that will ensure success IF you follow it.