Monthly Archives: May 2020

The Event Technique/A Chat with Paulette Zanotti

Paulette Zanotti shares her experiences in both the For Profit event planning business and the Non profit event business. Although somewhat different, each entity requires a certain set of skills that are called into use at the drop of a hat. We chat about larger events, 2000+ people, smaller, more intimate events and even weddings! Talk about a wide variety of stresses. Please join us as we welcome this most talented of Event Planners.

The Event Technique/A Chat with Adriane Diethorn of Wish, Hope, Dreams

Adriane has been on the cutting edge of Event Management for more than 20 years. Her company, Wish, Hope, Dreams handles Non-profit events, weddings, grant writing and so much more across the United States. We sat down to chat about how she has guided her company, what she has told her clients and what’s next for this dynamic event planner. Please enjoy!

The Event Technique/A Chat with Tonya Edinger

Tonya Edinger’s foray into the event planning business is interesting, to say the least. She could easily be called “The Reluctant Event Planner.” Fast forward 20 years and that woman who was sure she would be eating cat food has advanced to become one of the premier event planners in Western Pennsylvania. Hear her remarkable story, her wildest events and so much more in this very special interview.